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At Cabin River Flies are believe that a fly tied by a local fly fisher who knows and casts on the water you'll fish is better than something mass-produced on the other side of the world by a talented factory worker who has never fly fished a day in their life.  We're not fanatical (maybe) purists here, and sometimes you have to use a factory tied  fly, but there's just something different about the pattern your buddy crafted to life, you know?  

So that's where YOU come in.  Our platform enables anyone who ties to sell their flies to others at reasonable and fair prices (for you as the tyer and for the buyer).  By connecting tyers and fly fishers craft tying becomes something that's fun again.  And heck, why not pay for that new rod, a trip with your kids, or heck, even your mortgage by doing something you love?

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Benefits of tying on the Cabin River Flies platform include:

  • No website marketing work - we bring the buyers, you do the tying
  • Minimal technical needs - photos and videos of you tying your patterns will help connect with buyers and boost sales of your flies, but keep it simple by using your existing phone to snap photos and videos, for example
  • No payment and order processing headaches to worry about - we handle the ecommerce and payment processing and simply remit profits to you when orders are shipped
  • Tie as much, or little, as you want and only when you want - you control what patterns you list for sale, availability (ready to ship, or tied on-demand), and timelines for when you'll fulfill orders
  • Tyer support - if anything comes up, we're here to help with just about anything

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: I'd love to do this, but I don't want to have to tie.
    A: No problem! Because you control what you tie and when you tie it, you only tie as much or as little as you want.  Taking a vacation, or just taking a break from the grip of your vice?  No problem - we can simply indicate you're not tying and either take backorders, or suspend selling.  The point is you're in the tyers seat, literally!
  2. Q: Will I be an employee of Cabin River Flies if I tie?
    A: No, all tyers are independent contractors.  At the end of the year you'll receive a Form 1099 documenting earnings from sales made through the platform which you'll need to submit with your tax return.
  3. Q: I'm not a techie and don't want to make a web page.
    A: No problem!  In fact, there's zero web development involved.  You sned us photos, videos, descriptions etc... in a way that's convenient for you (email, text, Facebook messenger, carrier pigeon) and we'll get the listings up.
  4. Q: How do I determine pricing?
    A: We'll work with you to determine optimal pricing for your market and value for you as a tyer and for the buyer.
  5. Q: How quickly do I have to complete tying an order?
    A: It's really up to you.  For each pattern you list you can determine whether it's in inventory and available for shipping immediately, or if you tie it on-demand.  For on-demand tying, you can set a lead-time or discuss custom timing with the buyer for special cases. 
  6. Q: This is great, but what's the catch (no punt intended, maybe)?  What fees do you charge for all this?
    A: Great question!  Our goal is to enable craft tyers and fly buyers to connect and take the technical challenges out of the way for both.  Signing up to tie is free and our fees only occur on when you actually ship an order.  We charge a flat $5.00 fee per order placed plus a percentage of the order total that will vary based on your tying history and sales volume.  Shipping costs are paid by the fly buyer.  We will remit your earnings less fees and collected shipping costs monthly or once earnings reach a total threshold that you set (however we won't remit earnings of less than $100 except at month-end).

More questions?  We'd love to hear them.  Contact us here.

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